Experimental radio

Spring 2018

Timeframe: 3 weeks

Skills: Woodworking, 3D prototyping, physical computing
This experimental radio aims to re-imagine alternate interfaces for interacting with artifacts around us. Emphasis was placed on how perception of visual interfaces and existing physical interactions can converge to create intuitive, and possibly magical experiences. To turn the radio on and control volume, the front panel slides to expose the speaker grill. Three preset radio stations were controlled by placing one of three different rings on the front knob.

This radio was made through physical computing using an Arduino Uno, FM breakout board, reed switches, and a slide potentiometer. The base of the radio was made using cherry wood, laser cut acrylic and wood, and treated with master gel. 

This experimental radio was prefaced with a hacked paper radio exploration.

Interface design

Physical computing

Arduino Uno, FM tuner breakout board, reed switches, slide potentiometer


Cherry wood, laser cut acrylic + wood, magnets