UPMC: Endoscope carrying system

Collaborated with Grace Cha

Timeframe: 12 weeks

In a case study done with the Otolaryngology Department at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), we examined the existing behaviors and systems behind transporting endoscopes across the Pittsburgh UPMC campuses, and determined various solutions in response to the various challenges and pain points presented.

This project is under construction.


The Department of Otolaryngology is a busy surgical subspecialty, and in Oakland, patients are seen both in the clinic and inpatient setting across three hospitals.  Many examinations require transportation of handheld, fragile scopes (flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopes or rigid nasal endoscopes) to examine the anatomy in detail from the nose to the larynx.  The current method of handling scopes emphasizes sterility, but often scopes get damaged in the process.


Develop a novel solution to more safely carry fragile scopes around the hospital while still maintaining sterility, while taking into consideration of the complex medical system the cases will belong to:

    1. The daily routines of physicians treating inpatients
    2. The process by which the Otolaryngology department handles and processes the many scopes in accordance with hospital guidelines
    3. Identifying procedural inefficiencies that can be improved with smart product design


Final design